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When my kids reached adulthood and moved out, I was faced with time to fill. Having forgotten what my interests and passions were all about as an individual, I started searching for new things to be passionate about. During a day trip to see a dear friend at an art fair where she was displaying her own beautiful work, I happened upon the booth of a mailler. I bought a bracelet that fascinated me. A simple chainmaille bracelet in an open Turkish weave.

I spent a lot of hours inspecting the intricate knot design and it sparked a curiosity about how such things were put together. A few instructional videos later; I ended up at the craft store seeking some supplies to try this myself. It is not anywhere as simple as it appears!!! I gave up a few times. But I kept picking it back up… Within a few months my family and friends were checking out my new jewelry and putting in requests for themselves and others.

This brought about the birth of Cherished Chainz. I still work as an accountant during the day, and sometimes life gets in the way of crafting, but any free time I have involves my pliers and a few hundred rings on my desk 🙂





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